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Quality Manager, working for T&S since August 2010

I was a consultant in Germany for 3 years between 2010 and 2013 and I was part of the project team in charge of the on-board systems for hybrid cars. In 2014, I made the choice to return to France and more precisely to Alsace, I joined the quality department and at the end of 2014 I took over the position of quality manager within the company. What is very important to me is teamwork and the relational side is absolutely essential. Paradoxically, I like to keep a certain autonomy in my tasks and be able to manage my own subjects independently. The company trusted me at the beginning by positioning me on a project in the automotive industry when I was neither specialized in this sector nor in embedded systems. Thanks to this confidence I was able to acquire new skills and I was also able to join a great project team, with a very good atmosphere. It was a close-knit team where mutual help was part of everyday life. I was able to meet some very good people, proof of this is that I still keep in touch with the former members of the team and I have really good memories of this project which lasted 3 years for me. I also wanted to go back to my initial job as a quality manager and the company also trusted me to take over the position of quality manager which I have now held for 3 years. On the personal side I am someone who likes to spend time with my family, my children, my friends and the company has allowed me to bridge my personal and professional life.

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