Technical Architect

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The Technical Architect is in charge of defining the technical architecture of the IS and the associated rules. He ensures consistency between the hardware, applications, operating systems, networks, etc. He develops the architecture of the IS so that it meets the needs of users and ensures the interoperability of any new solution with the existing environment.

Main activities

  • Designing and implementing technical standards in conjunction with the Urban Planner.
  • Designing and validating the technical architecture of the information system
  • Define a technical base that meets the requirements of the urban development plan
  • Carry out a permanent technology watch
  • Analyze the impact of new solutions/new technologies in the information system
  • Recommend technical choices by committing to regular service operation
  • Promote the selected technical architecture to the teams involved in the project.


Additional activities

  • Provide support and expertise to pre-projects
  • Integrate virtualization solutions. Deploy, store and manage data on virtual servers



Information System Governance, Information System Functional Architecture, Information System Technical Architecture, Integration, IT Operations Management, Project Management Assistance, Complex Problem Solving, Fluent English…

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