Engineering Project Director

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The Project Director is responsible for managing one or more projects, from the study phase to the delivery, within the framework of the objectives set and ensuring compliance with cost, deadline and quality requirements. He/she anticipates the impacts of changes and leads the change support.

Main activities

  • Analyze the client’s needs (internal or external) and assist them in the elaboration of the project specifications.
  • Establish and negotiate the project implementation plan (schedule, necessary means, time to complete the different stages of the project, etc.).
  • Determine the budget and define and optimize the necessary resources (human, technical, financial…) to carry out the project.
  • Coordinate the activity of the actors involved in the project (suppliers, subcontractors…)
  • Set up, animate and coach the project team
  • Control and monitor the progress of the project and the respect of the contract in terms of time, budget, quality, safety and profitability.
  • Participate in the definition and implementation of the change plan (training, communication, assistance…) in order to disseminate the new practices and achieve the expected results of the project.
  • Intervene in case of major technical problems or hazards
  • Preparing reports
  • Managing and anticipating risks

Additional activities

  • Organize potential partnerships
  • Support commercial actions for a product or customer sector
  • Carry out specific consulting or expertise missions (internal or external) and/or assistance to the project owner.
  • Manage amendment and claim files
  • Ensure the technological watch related to its field of activity


Assistance to Project Owners in Project Management, Development of works, products or events, Risk Management, Complex Problem Solving, Fluent English

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